A trip to the park.

Don’t you love the park? They are a British guarantee. Wherever you go in the country, you will find a rusty old playground. It will always have:

  • A damp slide.
  • Swings (usually occupied by some youths drinking cheap cider).
  • Rusty climbing apparatus of some sort.
  • A thing with a spring on it that gives you a nosebleed.
  • Badly done paintings on the floor.

If you’re lucky, it could have:

  • A roundabout.
  • A see-saw.
  • Monkey bars (that make you feel like someone just tried to pull your arms out of their sockets.)
  • A thing that no one knows what it is, but is really fun.

I took Logan to the park today. We didn’t go to the one we usually go to, this was one next to his nursery; and it was a bit more down-market.

The first thing I did was jump on the see-saw. It turned out not to be the wisest descision I’ve ever made:

Rhodri Brady's rip in the trousers

I pushed him on the swing, which he calls the slide. It’s his favourite.


I do this game where I just stand there and let him bump into me. He loves that. Another that I do is one that I learned as a younger teen. I basically just have to run passed the swing without getting hit. It’s funny.


Another thing typical of British playground is the council funded educational schemes that they often try to run. I found a great one in this park which was obviously left over from some point in the eighties. There was information about all sorts of British explorers dotted around the place.


Good News: they had a roundabout. Bad News: It had been out of action since 1994.


3 thoughts on “A trip to the park.

  1. I loooove the park. *Ahem* Loved, I mean loved. They’ve started getting rid of the classic playgrounds around here, now we have these new things that aren’t any fun whatsoever, at one park instead of a playground they had just one climbing net thing, what use is that!

    I have a park down the road from me, it used to be empty, I was delighted when I heard they were putting play equipment there. When they did it was rubbish and the chavs decided to claim it as theirs. Chav-gang wars ensued. Now it stands empty.

    Anyway, looks like you had lots of fun! :)

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