“A Few Like You”: Will the Church be the Church for Homosexual Christians?

Just finished reading this article and found it profoundly wise, touching and thoughtful.

I’ve wrestled with this particular issue myself, how should Christians react to homosexuality when it is such a huge issue within our current society?

I read the book ‘What Some of You Were’ a couple of years ago and found it very helpful.


4 thoughts on ““A Few Like You”: Will the Church be the Church for Homosexual Christians?

    • Thank you for your help and your comments. Having read some of the articles on your site, I find it very difficult to accept your interpretation of many of those passages in scripture. It seems you are on extremely dangerous ground. I appreciate your keen reading on this difficult subject, but at this moment in time I would disagree with most of your conclusions.

      Your thirst for scripture knowledge definitely seems to be healthy, and it seems that you believe in the fundamental core of Christianity. I look forward to meeting you in heaven when all these questions will be answered and we will know who was right and who was wrong.

      You are in my prayers.

  1. The Wesley Hill article is the bomb! It says it all in (alomst) a nutshell.
    The only area wherein I might disagree…and, in fact, it isn’t base disagreement so much as personal observation…is the lonliness factor. The certain knowledge of God’s love for me and the nurturing assurance that ensues as a result sustain me in those times of rank and crushing self-denial in which I feel most alone and pitiable. God knows me (after all, He made me) and knws my need; if my faith is in God, I trust Him alone to meet those needs.
    I certainly don’t intend for this to sound as pious as I’m sure it does. If anything, it’s a cop out because I lean SO heavily on grace and my faith in God to dissuade me when I feel that nothing but an anonymous encounter with some random man will give me peace. However, it’s deeply engained in me, both by teaching and by experience, that if I hunger, God and God alone will feed me. Anything short of God’s endowment to me is, well, exactly that…short.

    • Thank you for your comment Jonathan, I admire your honesty and biblical wisdom. I hope and pray that God will use you in influencing others in this approach to such a difficult issue.

      – Rhodri.

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