Sharper For Ten

Click here if you don’t think my headline makes sense.

I was alerted to this story by a friend on Facebook.

After quite the nail-biting final, one couldn’t ask for a better end to the series.

Woo for Manchester!

Boo for this girl who was so annoying:

A real life Hermione Granger


4 thoughts on “Sharper For Ten

  1. Aw I really like her! I saw an interview with her on the BBC and she seemed really modest and nice. I have to admit I wanted Oxford to win and to keep the trophy, but Manchester have been very good about the whole thing so fair play to them.

  2. Oh Corpus Christi, so much to answer for?

    Also this is my new blog Rhodri and I actually write in this one.

    • Had googled a blog by a skeletorlamping but can’t for the life of me think who it may be. Reveal your true identity skeletorlamping! Am I just being slow?

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