Theatre: Shun-Kin

On Thursday, as I had mentioned before I went to the Barbican centre to see Shun-Kin. Apparently it was meant to be:

Inspired by the work of one of the most important Japanese writers of the twentieth century, Jun’ichiro Tanizaki , Shun-kin tells the tale of devotion, passion and power, where beauty is unforgiving and love is blinding.

Moving between the neon glow of Japan and the vanished world of Meiji, Shun-kin discovers the moments of light in a world of darkness. Emerging from traditional Japanese culture, this powerful performance shows us just how close beauty and violence can really be.

And that is exactly what it was. I was reminded once more that Theatre can achieve and create feelings that just don’t happen when you’re watching a film. It’s so much more real and so much more intimate. Some may say that Theatre creates limitations that you just don’t have in films, however I disagree with that. If you think about it, I think it was Sam Shepard who said that,

Theatre is better than Film because you can’t show Theatre in Film, but you can show Film in Theatre.

So anyway, I really liked it and am not going to bore you with an essay-like analysis of all the Theatrical techniques used and to what effect. All I want to do is to encourage you, myself included, whoever you are, not to let Theatre only be for Theatre-goers. We should all be watching plays, they are God-given gifts.

I’ll leave you with some photos from the production.


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