Namedrop-Bellyflop #1 (I Totally Just Assaulted Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol)

The time is 00:43 and I approach the corner of the street which holds my home in North London. I look up and see a small group of celtic looking young louts exiting an off-licence, six-packs of Stella in hand.

I wonder where they’re going at this late hour, with all those drinks. Who do they think they are, a Northern Irish and Scottish alternative rock band, formed in Dundee, ScotlandOr something?

I squint my eyes and have that whole – ‘I recognise this face, but who is it?’ moment. Within seconds, my brain tells me who I’ve just seen, and before I know it my legs are in motion, dashing towards Northern Irish musician and songwriter, best known as the frontman of the alternative rock band Snow Patrol…

Gary Lightbody!

Here’s a rough outline of how the dialogue between us went:

[Lightbody looks up to see a 6″2 hairy welsh man running straight at him, waving his arms and shouting]


[Lightbody obviously feeling threatened by this onslaught of appreciation/aggression quickly tries to get into his car in order to escape. Before he can shut the door, Brady has reached the scene]

Brady: [all said in a very rushed and mostly implausible way] Sorry-just-wanna-say-that-yours-was-one-of-the-first-records-I-ever-bought- and-err-I-really-enjoyed-it!

Lightbody: [clearly rather appreciating this admission of love reaches out his hand to shake Brady‘s] Thanks very much.

Brady: I’m really sorry I never really got into your earlier stuff, you weren’t really mainstream back then.

Lightbody: [Slightly offended] Yeah, I guess not.

[Lightbody initiates the end of the encounter by closing the car door]

Brady: [Shouts while waving] THANK YOU!

[Lightbody drives off into the sunset, well onto the North Circular anyway]


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