Moses Jones Update: New Thoughts from the Ugandan Community.

Two weeks ago I posted a review on new three-part BBC drama Moses Jones. (Which concludes tonight on BBC 2.)

Since that time I’ve had the opportunity to talk to an actual real Ugandan who lives in London about what she thought about the programme. Here’s a summary of her comments.

  • The Ugandan accents are awful, the actors have not done their research and are all doing Nigerian accents.
  • Most of the actors are clearly not from Uganda, some aren’t even from Africa, there are many Afro-Caribbeans.
  • All my Ugandan friends think it’s phony too and we all hate it’s representation of our race.

So there we have it, a review from an actual real life foreign person.

So some people on reading this may conclude that this makes the Drama invalid and is useless to watch. However I think that is an incorrect assumption. Let’s face it, even though the programme is mainly about people of Ugandan ethnicity, it holds a white target-audience, thus it doesn’t ruin the entire thing. Maybe the producers wanted to save some money.

Also other than the many cultural inaccuracies, it is actually very well written, and I think still has a lot to say to us as a growing multi-ethnic society, as I wrote about earlier.

It’s a shame about the lack of research though.


2 thoughts on “Moses Jones Update: New Thoughts from the Ugandan Community.

  1. I know, asI have a good friend in this, that there wasn’t a dialect coach on this. And as the guy mentioned, alot of the actors were infact Nogerian. I must be hard to keep an accent you haven’t been coached on when everyone naturally wants to slip into thier natural accents. I think its fair to say it focused on only one part of the comunity, that isnt to say it isn’t a fair representation. Its a big bad world, and it happens in all communities.

    • Hey, thanks for your comment. It’s very interesting what you said, you make some fair points. I hope the BBC commission more dramas like this one.

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