25 things that are DEFINITELY true about me.

These things are very popular on the book of faces at the moment, I thought I could share with you my 100% factual attempt at sharing with you 25 things about me.
1. I was once able to witness a Gregale, which is a Mediterranean wind that can occur during times when a low pressure area moves through the area to the south of Malta and causes a strong, cool, northeasterly wind to affect the island.
2. I was born in Cachy, which is a commune in the Somme département in the Picardie region of France.

3. My favourite thing in the whole world is ‘Iolanthe’, or ‘The Peer and the Peri’, it’s is a comic opera with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert.

4. I own the The Yamaha OX99-11 sports car.
5. My favourite song of all time is called ‘Linda’. It was written by Jack Lawrence, and published in 1946.
6. My hero is Carl Johan Fredrik Skottsberg who lived from 1 December 1880 – 14 June 1963, he was a Swedish botanist and explorer of Antarctica.
7. I often read poems by João de Deus Ramos who died on January 11, 1896. He’s better known as João de Deus, the greatest Portuguese poet of his generation.
8. I invented the wind-up radio.
9. 6631 Pyatnitskij (1983 RQ4) is a Main-belt Asteroid discovered on September 04, 1983 by L. V. Zhuravleva at Nauchnyj. This is something that inspires me.
10. I went to Stiftung Louisenlund, which is a privately run boarding school for boy and girls in Güby, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.
11. Philip Douglas Taylor (born 13 August 1960 in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent) is a 14 time world champion English darts player whose nickname is The Power. He is my mentor.
12. My favourite work of art is April Love, a painting by the Pre-Raphaelite painter Arthur Hughes which was created between 1855 and 1856.
13. ‘Chunklet’, which is an American music and culture magazine edited and published by me. According to Pitchfork Media, issue #16 has sold more than 10,000 copies. How or why Pitchfork records the sales of a magazine is a mystery.
14. I once woke up in Arts et Métiers, which is a station of the Paris Métro, serving Line 3 and Line 11.
15. I took down Richard Porter (1965 – January 3, 1990) he was one of the most notorious New York City drug kingpins.
16. I created and regularly draw, Mordru (also known as Mordru the Merciless or The Dark Lord) he is a fictional character, a supervillain in the DC Comics’ main shared universe.
17. I am related distantly to Bruno, Brun, or Braun (died 2 February 880) he was the Duke of Saxony from 866 to his death.
18. I taught Jeff Alexander everything he knows. He lived from July 2, 1910 to December 23, 1989. He is an American conductor, arranger, and composer of film, radio and television scores.
19. Isolée is the best microhouse artist working today, his real name is Rajko Müller. I was the one he played his first track to.
20. I won the Open Tarragona Costa Daurada, a tennis tournament held in Tarragona, Spain in 2006.
21. The Baldwin apple is a bright red winter apple, very good in quality, and easily shipped. I regularly eat it.
22. Annabouboula is a Greek-American musical trio that flourished in the 1980s and 1990s. Their members are Anna Paidoussi, George Sempepos and myself.
23. The greatest album of all time is ‘Pots and Shots’, the debut album of J-ska band Potshot. The album was released in the USA by Asian Man Records in 1997.
24. I am currently engineering ‘The Incheon Bridge’ (also called the ‘Incheon Long Bridge’) which is currently under construction in South Korea.
25. My favourite species of bat is The Broad-eared Bat (Nyctinomops laticaudatus), it is from South and Central America.

One thought on “25 things that are DEFINITELY true about me.

  1. hello hairy, i wanted to ask you a question but also make a comment. as i googled to find a picture of poet joao’s wife, your blog came up. i am friends now with his great great grandson named after the poet but he is not one. he’s a well-known photographer. anyway, he tells me about this poet as i write poetry now and i had a hard time reading his poems as the english version wasn’t totally there. WHY AND WHAT IS IT ABOUT THEM YOU LIKE SO? also, a funny email i got from my friend joao, i joked and called him ‘hairy’ and when i saw your site with that word, i had to read on, lol. He wasn’t happy about it as he said when he was a young kid, he prayed to God that he wouldn’t be HAIRY like his dad, uncles, etc and low and behold, he had took after his moms family and so his wish had been granted. ha. i joke now and call him HAIRY, just the same but he is a rare Portuguese breed as he’s also very tall. karen1128@gmail.com (NJ, USA)

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