Hungry Hungry Hippos!

(Is the voice over Christopher Walken?)

Who remembers that game?!

It always perplexed me how the marbles were able to be eaten and seconds later end up in your little container.

Did any of you ever have a day when you could bring in toys to school? It was usually on the last day of term, Hungry Hungry Hippos or Guess Who was always my number one choice of games to play on that day. Some loser always brought in Chess. I also distinctly remember desperately trying to teach my class how to play Uno, and they just did not get it.

If I see Hungry Hungry Hippos in a charity shop, I’m going to buy it.

That game is genius, pure genius.


2 thoughts on “Hungry Hungry Hippos!

  1. I loved that game!! You didn’t particularly have to do anything of any worth, just hit the thing as fast as you could.

    And Uno….I loved that too! Despite the fact I always lost….actually…I still lose when I play it. And Guess Who…ahh the memories. I so wish I could relive my 90s childhood.

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