Video: Cute Wabbits


I do seek to avoid animals at all costs, but I couldn’t say no to these lovelies.

The story is, that back at home my family bought themselves a couple of supposedly female rabbits. Obviously by now it is clear that one of them was in fact a man. They gave birth to five lickle baby wabbits. This was a few weeks ago, and by now (as you can see) they are extremely cute.


5 thoughts on “Video: Cute Wabbits

  1. They thought they were buying a rabbit and really it was a MAN ?

    How sick has London become ? How widespread is the traffic in slaves ? How bad is biology teaching in our schools ? How much is that doggie in the window ?

  2. My sister had a rabbit. It was supposed to be a dwarf rabbit but it grew to the size of a medium-sized dog. It hissed, scratched and bit. Consequently, I’m not a rabbit fan. However, those rabbits…are lovely.

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