Film Reviews: ‘Ed Wood’ & ‘Annie Hall’

I watched two pretty famous films this weekend, two very different films from different time periods and more or less different genres despite both being comedies.

Annie Hall

Director: Woody Allen

Leading Roll: Woody Allen

Key Quote: “A relationship, I think, is like a shark. You know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark.”

Year: 1977

Ed Wood

Director: Tim Burton

Leading Roll: Johnny Depp

Key Quote: [On Phone] Really? Worst film you ever saw. Well, my next one will be better. Hello? Hello?

Year: 1994


Apart from the quite brilliant Match Point, Annie Hall is the first Allen directed film I’ve ever watched (though I have watched Antz). This one seems to be everyone’s favourite and at the time it seems this film was a real change of direction for him in style.

It’s extremely funny and Allen’s worldview is laid bare for the viewer to clearly see. A man obsessed with death and highly unsatisfied with life.

I feel that life is divided into the horrible and the miserable. That’s the two categories. The horrible are like, I don’t know, terminal cases, you know, and blind people, crippled. I don’t know how they get through life. It’s amazing to me. And the miserable is everyone else. So you should be thankful that you’re miserable, because that’s very lucky, to be miserable.

Allen’s character is also filled with anti-Semitic paranoia, he seems to think that everyone is out to get the Jews.

I should stop babbling and let you watch the first scene. I loved it. I may watch it again and write some more.

After watching Ed Wood I was satisfied. It was quite funny, and brilliantly acted. But unlike after a really good film like Annie Hall I didn’t go ‘YEAH!’, or — even better — the sign of a really really good film, if I can’t actually say anything and I get angry if anyone talks to me. With Ed Wood I was just sort of happy.

However I read up about it afterwards and found something that was probably really obvious to the whole of the rest to the world but had somehow skipped me out. ED WOOD WAS REAL!

Knowing this fact gave the film a whole different tragic yet touching angle. This man won the award for Worst Ever Film Director. Now I like the film more. Whether it would be worthy of a ‘YEAH!’ is another question.

Here’s the trailer:

Both of these films made me smile and laugh at times and both made me think. I wouldn’t force these films upon anyone but if you wanted to watch one then Annie Hall would be my pick, as it would have far more probability in making you think about worthwhile things, despite its failures of philosophy.

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