‘Hitler wasn’t that bad’

Please forgive me if my language seems rushed or doesn’t make sense, I seem to be in a state of shock.

I have just finished a conversation with a friend of mine, a Polish friend. This conversation has taught me very much, in a very short space of time. My conclusion?

Assume nothing.

My friend is intelligent, she is young and educated to degree level. At first glance and at most conversation levels she seems to have all it takes to be an upstanding member of society.

We were chit chatting quite normally, she began to tell me about her past as well as her childhood and background; slowly the conversation began to get onto the subject of Jews. Now I know that there is general funny anti-Semitic banter that exists, ‘Jews are so stingey’ etc. However, as the conversation wore on, I came to a revelation; in fact I had to keep getting this poor girl to repeat what point she was making. Let me give you the thrust of the point that shocked me:

‘Is there really a problem with what Hitler and the Nazis did?’

I have been going through life assuming that there is a base line, a boundary which all sane people are unwilling to cross. There are a lot of bad things people are willing to say and do, but there are some things which are just wrong. Paedophilia, bank robbery, kidnapping, drug dealing and murder let’s call these crimes ‘unacceptable’. However, here I am; standing talking to a completely ‘normal’ human being, and she begins to suggest that no one really likes Jews anyway!?


The frightening thing is; this woman is the lightweight, she is liberal, she’s holding back.

No wonder so little Jews returned to Poland.

I try my best to consider both sides of the story, “ah yeah fair enough – maybe the Jews were being a bit extortionate, a bit greedy, maybe even slightly rude.” I still can’t get my brain to a position where I think it’s acceptable to KILL PEOPLE!

I once again seek to rationalise, she hasn’t seen the footage, she doesn’t know.

“Have you seen Schindler’s List” I ask.

“Yes I have.”

This holds a good lesson for me. There is no base line, you can’t go too low. The very sad messed up condition that the human race is in : not only can we do messed up things and feel bad about it, we can do and believe in awful things and justify them.

POLAND IS A CATHOLIC COUNTRY! These people claim to be God fearing!


I think what I am tempted to do, and what the easiest thing to do, is to take the high-ground. “I have experience with other races / I know what it is to be fair / I am compassionate and hold no prejudices.” I just forget how easy and how close we are, how very few steps we are away; from murder.

Be on the look out! Don’t be on the look out for racist individuals who seem to have irrational hatred deep in their most inner cores. Take a look at yourself, how good has God been to you? Has he allowed you the education and common sense to view others as equals. I know I have many kinks that need straightening in my life; there are so many issues that I’m at fault with. God is the only answer, no ‘rationality’ can solve these problems – believe me, I tried tonight.

Please pray.

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