Inflatable Mystery Parade @ Islington Academy

Inflatable Mystery Parade Bill

On Saturday evening I had the pleasure of going to see my old friend Alex Gale’s band Inflatable Mystery Parade (IMP). I had seen them once before about a year ago, and they seem to have quite a few new tracks. They remind me of  The Talking Heads with a dash of Joy Division thrown in and a helping of Foals in there as well.

What I really appreciated was the band chemistry that was already evident. Their new drummer was quietly cool, sitting at the back; how all drummers should be. Then they have the oh so necessary geeky synths guy. The lead singer is great, he possesses a sort of anti-charisma quality, but it works. Mr. Gale on lead guitar, takes the shoe-gazer approach; effortlessly cool. Then on bass is the firm fan favourite; Charlie – constantly engaging in healthy ‘banter’ which allows for entertainment in-between songs.

When they play live, they have a big sound, and it’s a good sound. They seem to have the right mix between the jaunty high pitched guitars and well placed synths. My highlight came from a nice reworking of Beatles classic, Ticket to Ride. In a few years these kids could really go somewhere.

Alex Gale & Charlie Brodie of I.M.P.

Alex Gale & Charlie Brodie of I.M.P.

2 thoughts on “Inflatable Mystery Parade @ Islington Academy

  1. When asked if he ever got lonely sitting at the back of the stage, Ringo Starr once said “I’m lucky being at the back, the other three have it worse than I do. That’s where I am – a drummer should always be at the back.” John Lennon chipped in: “A drummer should be heard and not seen.”

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