Blewog-nam #12

So after our busy weekend, it was time for us to pack our bags once again and make our way to Hội An. Our means of transport was somewhat interesting, it was an experience in itself. We had decided to save some money and avoid the option of a flight or a train to Hội An; instead we opted for something called a sleeper bus.

I’m sure some such equivalent exists in the UK, but in my personal experience, I have never come across such a thing. We basically got taken onto a normal coach, but instead of seats there were several beds – bunk beds at that.img_1223

Each bed is about four feet in length, and as you can imagine this is the perfect size for your average Vietnamese person. It isn’t so great for a man who is 6″2.


The whole experience went from being rather new, exciting and enjoyable to frustrating to a bit stupid. I spent most of the night dropping my blanket or jacket or pillow and having to climb out of bed, down the ladder to get it.


Oh and did I mention that there are not only people sleeping in the beds below, there are people sleeping on the floor (something I have noticed that about the Vietnamese – they’ll sleep anywhere). They weren’t best pleased at 3:40 AM when I would have to step on their faces in order to reach for my trusty blanket.

The other issue was the fact that my knees and my posterior were sticking out on each side of the bed. It wasn not nice for the people who had to squeeze past – it wasn’t that nice for me either. However by the time about 12 hours had past we had reached our first stop – Huế.


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