Ever heard anyone say: ‘Half, or more than half of all humans ever born, are alive today!’

This is a complete and utter myth – probably perpetuated by eugenicists and other people who believe the planet should be saved by population control of the human species. This is not a new myth either: in 1798, Thomas Malthus predicted that population growth would surpass the world food supply by the mid 1800s.

The Population Reference Bureau estimate that the earth has held over 106 billion humans throughout history. With a current world population of over 6 billion, that means that roughly 6% of people ever born are alive today. A significantly lower number than that given by population explosion alarmists.

What is perhaps more frightening, is the fact that many nations today are not producing enough children to replace the population with no growth at all, in other words, many countries are suffering negative birth rates (see chart below).




  1. I strongly agree with you on most of you points I just haven’t heard your latest before, could you provide a link?

    Thanks and good work.

    • I actually more or less nicked this from the ‘listverse’ sight. I just felt it had been summed up so well, and it goes so much with what I’ve been telling so many people. It’s been annoying me people saying stuff like ‘i shouldn’t have a baby’ etc.

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