Blewog-nam #10

We met some lovely Vietnamese people throughout our time in Vietnam. For example a young woman named ‘Ha’ who actually thought it was hilarious when I simply began making fun of her name by shouting ‘HA…HA…’. She also was surprisingly humoured and unoffended when I refused to buy the fans she was selling because I had air conditioning!

We would also pass an older Vietnamese man daily, he was always keen to get us to ride in his Taxi. It eventually became a bit of a joke and I would regularly have playful fist fights with him.

However my favourite encounter came from a little boy who claimed to be called Phở and his sister. He came up to us selling chewing gum (very few people beg, most are selling something). We bought some gum from him and began chatting. I obviously busted out all my kids jokes and party tricks and we had a great time. On another occasion, him and his sister seemed to think it would be funny to tie my hair up. What can you do? They were so happy though, despite speaking of sleeping on streets and broken families.



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