Blewog-nam. #1

As some of you may know, on the Wednesday of last week I left my home country (England) in order to visit my beloved in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I’ve been trying my best to keep a diary, I’ll try and keep them short, interesting and entertaining.

Oh yes, I should mention the appalling title, if any of you humorous folk can think of a better title for my Vietnamese Blog entries, I would be delighted.

Here it is:

Here I sit in Gatwick Airport, it is 04:12 AM on Wednesday the 11th of November 2008.

Today I am to fly to Hanoi, Vietnam. There I will meet my fiancée Sibyl Cooke Steed.

My flight is apparently to take over 26 hours, with 6 of those hours being spent in Doha, Qatar. Oh yes, did I mention I am flying with world famous Qatar Airways?

I feel sick because I went to Costa Coffee and got a ‘Medio’ hot chocolate with whipped cream and a chocolate dip stick. I also had a slab of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, Caramel and every 30 seconds or so I would drop a square into the hot chocolate. The square would sink slowly to the bottom and I would get my extra long spoon and scoop out a huge lump of melted caramel joy. I ended up eating the whole slab. I now feel like I need to throw up.

I was relying on these hours and hours of waiting around that I had to watch some classic DVD’s. But for some reason the Mac Book Hoojimaflip has decided that it doesn’t want me to play them because there is an error. How considerate of it.

I can’t sleep to fill this time because it would be just like me to sleep through my flight.

I had to come early as my Dad said he wouldn’t take me super early in the morning. But he did take me at about one and left an hour or so ago; after reassuring me that my flight probably did exist.

This is the biggest most grownup thing I have ever done in my life so I have been super paranoid about bringing all the right stuff and not forgetting ANYTHING. That is why I decided to leave my ticket at home.
Well… it wasn’t that bad, but I did leave my e-booking reference details which basically was my ticket. How could I be so thick? I went on the internet and noted the flight details from my e-mail, I hope and pray that it will work out. If it doesn’t I might actually cry solidly for the next 3 months.

I like flying though. It’s so fun taking off and all that. I wonder who I’ll be sat next to one the plane? I shall be sure to report.


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