My World Tour of The UK #3 – Saffron Walden & Haverhill (also Jan Akkerman)

Me and the old man went to see top notch Dutch guitarist Jan Akkerman, a guitarist who in the 1970s was the core of prog rock band Focus. If you don’t know Focus, they are responsible for such gems as this:

He left them in ’76 and has been puruing his solo career ever since.

But Mr. Akkerman wasn’t the only act we had the pleasure to see, support came from a young man called Gareth Pearson.

But here’s the weird thing…

My Father’s favourite band when he was in school were Focus. It sounds like he had a slight obsession with them (he still has!). There was a boy he was friends with who really wasn’t keen on Focus and used to give him quite a bit of stick for liking them.

Shoot forward a few years, this non-Focus fan has a son… Gareth Pearson. The man who has been touring with world famous guitarist Jan Akkerman. His Dad has also been designated the task of driving Jan around! I’m sure my Dad would have given his right arm to drive the one and only Jan Akkerman around when he was in school. Isn’t life strange?


the gig was good, you can read my Father’s review of it and a cool video here.

Here are some photos of our fun daytrip:


Somehow, the prospect of four hours worth of progressive rock seemed to excite Rhodri considerably less than his Father.


Perhaps, ‘it worked for Take That’ wasn’t the best choice for an opening line as Gary shared his thoughts on that inevitable Focus reunion tour.


I don’t like being called ‘Ugley’ when asked to reduce my speed.

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