Sibyl’s Travelblog – Issue 8

Things I have forgotten to write about…

A couple of weekends ago we were very cultured and went to visit the army museum which goes through all Vietnamese history. It was really interesting and we had our own personal tour guide, a lovely Vietnamese guy who is one of Craig’s students. His English was really good. We ended up in KFC afterwards [very cultured! – Ed] to get out of the torrential rain. It was so heavy that all the drains overflowed and at some points you had to wade knee deep in water and other things that I really do not want to think about. It was so incredible though! Craig almost lost his flip flop in a stream of fast moving water and it was very funny watching him chase after it. We ended up walking bare foot!  I didn’t imagine that would ever happen.

We are meeting up with our ‘tour guide’ again this Saturday to go to the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum. He is not there at the moment – his body gets taken to be re-embalmed every September to December but it will be interesting to see where he lived! It was Women’s Day in Vietnam on Tuesday. All women get flowers and presents from the men. All our teachers at the school got heaps of flowers. Craig got me and Emily roses, which was really nice. The Vietnamese guy (I really should find out his name) was asking what our favourite flowers were as well, and apparently we are to expect bouquets on Saturday [hmmm? – Ed]. I love Vietnam!
One of the gappers remarked – why is there only women’s day and not men’s day – suggesting sexism against men, but someone else corrected him saying every day in Vietnam is men’s day. Which looking around is probably quite accurate. The women seem to do everything – most men sit around on their motorbikes topless smoking and drinking.

We met two travellers called Pete and Anna last weekend. They are lovely and have really interesting stories – they have travelled everywhere, they did the trans Siberian railway route. Pete is from Australia and Anna is from England. They fell in love in Australia and have been travelling to and fro and everywhere ever since. They are a really sweet couple and nice to talk to someone who has experienced the long distance relationship thing. We have taken them to all the local spots as well as street BBQ’s and egg-milk coffee. It’s been fun showing people around. We have also befriended a guy called Lennard, he’s from Germany and has been apart from his girlfriend for a whole year and a half while she studies in America. I had a good chat with him about that and about Christianity – I must keep praying for him.

Last Sunday; Georgie, Honor, Seth and Craig came to church, which was so great! It was a good sermon to hear as well; ‘what are your priorities in life?’ and ‘what should be most important?’ – glorifying God. Keep praying – hopefully they will come again this week. I was also very excited because I recognised one of the hymns for the first time! I met a lovely 15 year old girl who is part of the church and has lived in Vietnam since she was 5.

More to come soon!

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