The time was approximately 09:05 this morning, I was in the kitchen jovially pouring myself a cool glass of Dr. Pepper. The next thing I hear is a shout from Indigo; “NO LOGAN! NOOOO!” immediately after which I hear the indescribable noise of around 300, 000 Rice Krispies falling to the floor (and onto the sofa and in the toybox and in their hair and in-between the cracks in the floorboards)

I walk into the room by now, I’m fuming(ish).


I stand there glaring angrily at the boy, now out of breath from my outburst.

Then Logan simply replies, in his quietest/cutest voice…

“More… cereal?”

I then begin to start the monumental clear-up. A good ten minutes later, after I have done a fairly good job of clearing all the snaps, crackles and pops into one tidy pile, Logan starts trying to eat the cereal that’s in the dust pan.


This kick starts the third week of my new job; I’m being employed to look after my future niece and nephew (children of Sibyl’s sister Katy). I love it; they do keep me on my toes.


One thought on “NO LOGAN! NOOOO!

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