Sibyl’s Travelblog – Issue 7

We have had some very fun nights out in Hanoi and have found some local places to chill in the evenings as well as play Jenga – they seem to have it everywhere here. The Police are very strict about drinking after 12 in Vietnam. Most places close down or shut their doors before then so we have not had many late nights. There is a lot of corruption among the police and military – bribery and other things that I am sure we do not even know go on. It’s when you see things like that you realise you are in a very controlled socialist country.

We went to see the band Regurgitator [attractive name] a few days ago which was so awesome but really random that they came to Vietnam! They are an Aussie band and they are actually really good (not implying that Aussie music isn’t) It was just a strange experience to have in Vietnam because it was like being at a festival at home. It was basically a mini festival from 5 until 10 at night. It was outside, they had festival food and there was (of course) loads of Australians there. We could have been in Australia or even England (apart from the heat.) The music was great and their was lots of ‘moshing’. I crowd surfed too! A few of us did. It was very cool and I landed on my feet.

Seth, the other volunteer teacher at our school, has left because he became frustrated with the situation (they mess us about quite a bit.) Glen and Craig are going to take his place at the school, and be paid as much as me and em earn in a month in two nights work! (But never mind.) At least we have some extra help at the school and will be cool teaching with people we know. We met up with Seth today to talk about it, he’s a really nice guy and is going to cook us mac and cheese to apologise for leaving us behind. Hopefully the school will realise that they should treat us better now.


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