Sibyl’s Travelblog – Issue 6

Yay! I have finally managed to write.

I have not written a blog in weeks! I have been so busy. It get’s overwhelming when you have not written for ages. There is lots and lots to write about. I can’t remember everything, which is probably a good thing. I don’t want to send you all to sleep.
So last time I wrote a blog I hated teaching. I think I have been too negative about everything here in my writing. I hope I have not given that impression. I am loving it here. I’m missing home and all of you but Vietnam is AMAZING and all the people I have met are lovely and so supportive. I get on really well with Emily my room mate which is such a blessing, I love her, she’s hilarious.

Teaching has got a lot easier as well. I am more used to getting up in front of the kids and winging it. I love them as well, they have a great sense of humour and they are so lovely when they are singing and excited about games and stickers. They all grab onto my hands and all say “good bye teacher, see you later” in cute little Vietnamese accents when they leave.

I have been offered two other jobs as well, one of which, (if everything goes to plan) I shall start today! I am very scared. It’s at a kindergarten, teaching and entertaining 18 month to four year olds. I am looking forward to meeting them but I am worried I am going to get too tired. I will be teaching them for 90 minutes and then doing another three hours at The Children’s Palace. It will be fun though. God is providing for me here. I was really worried about money (especially after my purse was stolen) but I know God is looking after me. The other job is on a saturday afternoon tutoring 6 students.

Since my last entry I have been to a place called ‘Halong Bay’, which was the most beautiful place I have ever seen [apart from Rhodri’s face*]. So gorgeous! We had to leave at four in the morning though. It was too early for me to go to sleep and wake up again so I just didn’t – that resulted in me being awake for 48 hours. It rained the whole of the first morning but we left but as soon as we got onto the boat and out into the bay, then sun came out – it was perfect! We sunbathed, saw caves and dived off the boat into the most amazing clear warm water. Little women in rowing boats came up to our boat trying to sell beer and oreos. We stayed the night on the boat which was very fun – we danced lots and some people jumped off the side of the boat at midnight (of course.) I was incredibly tired though so ended up passing out before that. It was such a good nights sleep – the beds were so comfy. We got up early the next day for breakfast and kayaking. The food on the boat was also great – lots of fresh seafood (not for breakfast though.)

The following weekend I got to go to the church I was originally going to go to! Finally. ‘The Hanoi International Fellowship’, I was so happy to go to a service again. There was a visiting preacher but the sermon was so good and the message so clear and strong – it was on ‘the fragrance of Christ’ and how if we are trusting in Jesus our lives should reflect this and that it will spread (2 Corinthians 2:14-17). It was so good to hear people pray again. The singing is really cheesey and they encouraged dancing during the collection but they do say it’s for the glory of God and that you can worship God in different ways. It is very American. I took communion also which was done in the way I actually recognised! Everyone together. They are very welcoming but it is hard to meet and talk to people properly because it is a huge church with loads of visitors.

More blogging to come really soon. Sorry again for being so slack with writing.


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