A Man Needs a Maid.

Just read this on Wikipedia, I had to share it; I think it’s the best non-fiction article that one can read in under a minute I have ever come across.

A Man Needs a Maid is the 4:05 minute-long 3rd track from Neil Young’s album, Harvest about the actress Carrie Snodgress, Young’s girlfriend at the time. Together they had a child (Zeke), who was born with cerebral palsy. The relationship ended a few years later. Snodgress spent her time caring for Zeke and was unable to get back to acting. She died in 2004.

The Rolling Stones pianist and movie soundtracks composer, Jack Nitzsche produced the track. He also dated Snodgress, though a few years after her relationship with Young ended, however in 1979 he was sentenced to probation after he beat her with a handgun.

The London Symphony Orchestra played on this.

The song characterises the woman as a “Maid,” but it is said that the song meant no disrespect – Young wrote it “in the spirit of the Robin Hood tale Maid Marion”


It’s amazing what you can learn in 1 minute.


2 thoughts on “A Man Needs a Maid.

  1. Wow, this is so interesting to me. I just watched Neil Young Heart of Gold and decided to research his history. I don’t remember Carrie Snodgress, but I’m sure she was a saint to quit acting and raise her disabled son.

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