The Dragon Ball

On Saturday, I dressed up in a tux, and went with my Mum to the fundraising ‘Dragon Ball’, (ball as in Cinderella) being held at Porchester Hall, in Bayswater, its purpose was to celebrate the London Welsh School’s 50th anniversary, as well as to raise money and awareness for the only Welsh medium school outside Wales.

It was probably one of the most luxurious, opulent and swanky events I’ve ever attended. Which made me a bit nervous. I guess it had potential to be one of those classic sort of ‘fish out of water’ evenings. But it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t spill anything or use the wrong knife or make a bad joke about nazis. Which is a shame really because it could have made for some great anecdotes.

It was an interesting evening. We arrived to a champagne reception. They had those stupid human statue things, which were slightly unnerving because they’d jump out at you, which wasn’t funny because everyone knew they weren’t statues and everyone knew they were gonna jump out, it was just a like an annoying younger brother. They should’ve stayed in Covent Garden.

We made our way to tables, the music was a bit too loud. We were forced to follow the official dinner rules which are that you can’t sit next to your partner and you must sit boy-girl. My Mum didn’t get a chance to catch up with her old Welsh friends… but I did! Why do posh people insist on making up so many rules?

Anyway, nice food. We watched and listened as Cerys Matthews did her thing. She didn’t play Road Rage or Mulder & Sculley or International Velvet, but she did play some nice Nashville-esque Welsh songs. It was lovely.

A singer who goes by the name of Carol Caryl Parry-Jones also sang. I think every single Welsh woman over the age of 30 in the room got up to watch her in an eager celtic frenzy. As Dad would say, ‘she’s world famous in her own country’.

There was a disco at the end, where drunk middle-aged people embarrassed themselves while dancing to something dodgy from the disco era. We left around midnight, and got a black cab home. The driver gave us discount for some reason, which was nice.

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