Film Review: Tropic Thunder

Went to see it last night.

I don’t even know where to begin.

This film is basically a satire of Hollywood in general and action films in particular (neither of which I’m a big fan of). It holds a star studded cast, as well as the main three ‘Stiller / Black / Downey Jr.’ there are minor roles going to Matthew McConaughey and Tom Cruise, as well as cameos by Tyra Banks, Alicia Silverstone, Lance Bass, Jon Voight, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Jason Bateman. Ben Stiller is the director, producer, writer, lead actor.

Don’t get me wrong about this film; some bits are really really funny. However I think the humour is just sort of empty. It’s a farce and it tries so hard to be wacky and controversial. It’s main aim is to poke fun at a bunch of spoiled rotten, self-centered actors – rather relevant to our current Hollywood.

Apart from some absolute classic comic moments from Robert Downey Jr. and some genuinely accurate satire by Stiller (namely a spoof film called Simple Jack – which really has been taken the wrong way), the antics here are pretty empty, redundant and long-winded. This film will most definitely be a hit, the comedy fans out there will fall in love with it; and it will be one of those highly over quoted films. Personally I’m just not sure what to make of it.

So, if you want an outrageous look at method actors, failing actors and falling actors; maybe you will benefit slightly from this film. It’s just a bit overwhelming.

Sadly the film is also scattered with unnecessary F-bombs. It is very offensive.



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