Wonderful & True Sentences. #3

Dublin was once the home of the Fairy Investigation Society.


8 thoughts on “Wonderful & True Sentences. #3

  1. I make foto in one forest in my country,,,it was little man in grass near by forest ,without dress,and in my display was like little star.I make zoom..and than I saw that is one little man with wings..I was so happy…when come to my home..and try to throw over on my kompyter,I lost my picture…all picture…And now I have only remebering..

  2. This is so weird, but so cool….
    Can’t say it’s real, can’t say it’s not real.
    But it’s interesting.
    The society isn’t…active anymore, is it? o.O

  3. i have always believed in the presence of these magical beings… i dream of them even when i am awake.. they speak to me and their voices; oh their voices! its like…. oh but to go into such fantasies is forbidden among my faith… to join this group i am fuffilling a life long ache to express my pleasure towards these exceptional creatures… please inform me of any further progress this group has/or makes.

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