Sibyl’s Travelblog – Issue 5

I wish I spoke Vietnamese!

I had the worst teaching experience so far yesterday evening. If you mix the stress of teaching basic english from the top of your head, with smart clothes and a 30 degree classroom; then you have my nightmare lesson. I had a class of 25 six years olds with no English. I had no Vietnamese teacher, no book and no time to plan. Afterwards I just broke down and wanted to go home. I had to teach an hour and half lesson, and these kids did not even know their ABC, they did not know enough basic english for me to discipline them. Me doing the actions to sit down and put hands on the desk only works at the beginning – once they realise that you can’t tell them off there is serious trouble. The school is not supposed to leave us with such young kids alone! I do not think you are even allowed to leave 25 students with one teacher in England. I could not even communicate to the Vietnamese supervisors to tell them that I could not teach the lesson alone.

I WISH I SPOKE VIETNAMESE. I need to be able to say ‘sit down’ and ‘listen‘ in Vietnamese at least! ERGH! So now I really really really do not want to teach today. I feel sick – I am so nervous about getting another class like that. The kids are lovely! So adorable when they are listening and repeating and singing songs but not so adorable when they are running around the classroom! Anyway, I needed to let that all out! Keep praying for me please! xxx

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