Interesting Ramadan Countdown Calendar.

One of the many benefits of having a large number of Muslims here in the UK is that we get magnificent gems like this on the shelves of our supermarkets:

As you can see it follows the basic design of an Advent Calendar, they even have the cardboard flavour chocolates – however they aren’t in different shapes.

The most interesting thing about it is that there is a question on each door. Here are a few examples (highlight to reveal answers)

  • What is the afternoon prayer called? Asr
  • How many Gods do we believe in? One God, Allah
  • Who was the last prophet? Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)
  • Are we all equal in Islam? Yes
  • What is Hajj? Pilgrima
  • Where is the Ka’aba? In Makkah
  • What is the night of Al’Qadr? The ‘Night of Power’, a blessed night in Islam

My three personal favourites which I believe sum up the Islamic mentality –

How many fasts have you kept so far? MASHA ALLAH, WELL DONE!

How many times did you pray today? MASHA ALLAH, A MUSLIM MUST PRAY FIVE TIMES PER DAY!


If you are a Muslim, or if you just have an interest in Jesus Christ do not hesitate to contact me, I have a few booklets which could be of great help to you. They were written by a converted Muslim I know. Check them out here.


2 thoughts on “Interesting Ramadan Countdown Calendar.

  1. Hey Rhodri,
    nice stuff this calendar you holding, I ma interested in having couple, where can I buy it? how much does it costs?

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