Sibyl’s Travelblog – Issue 2 (from a week ago)

One more week to go…

It seems we are never going to start teaching! The last two days have been quite frustrating!

We were told last week that we would start teaching on monday and that we would be met at 3:00 PM (because we are teaching evenings). When it got to 3:30 PM and the contact teacher (Hoi) still had not shown up I called to find out what was happening; she did not apologise but told us that she was busy and that we would be met tomorrow!

Today we were met by Hoi and an American called Seth who is also a volunteer at the school. He has been working there for 2 months but worryingly he knows little more than we do. She showed us the computer rooms today (where we will be teaching) but none of it makes sense and she does not like questions. She spent most of the hour we were with her on the phone. She really is busy! We were told that after all that, school does not start until next Tuesday. So me and Emily have no idea what we are supposed to be doing, we have no timetable for teaching, no clue who we are teaching or what times. We just have to show up next Tuesday and have to wing it. We have been told to ‘prepare’ but I have no idea how to or what classes I will be teaching. Oh well! I guess this is what I signed up for. We are just trying to kill time now, it’s hard not to feel homesick when you have nothing to do.

I am sitting in an internet cafe at the moment. They are playing really cheesey pop/dance music; really loudly. The Vietnamese love their cheesey cheesey pop music. They are all obsessed with a song called ‘Lucky.’ It has started to drive me crazy.

Good did come out of today! Seth seems nice and helpful. He has a bit more experience teaching and also has free time to hang out and show us the city which will be cool. Some parts of our conversation were weird though, he is a minister of all faiths(?) but he has a Christian background. I hope, God willing, I will have some good conversations with him.

He also knew of some teaching placements in the day with kids who have learning and development problems. He does that sort of thing in the day before teaching at the childrens palace. Me and Emily were really hoping to do something like that – more like care work than formal teaching to fill our days. He gave us lots of info and he said he can introduce us to some of the people involved to get us started which will be really great. He said it will prob be very flexible and it’s just playing with the kids and giving them attention.

I am also really looking forward to church on Sunday! I have found another church as well as the ‘Hanoi International Church’. I thought it was the same one at first, but it turns out to be another one based in a hotel. I will check out both. God has really answered prayers. Craig was invited to the other church through an American professor (Walter) at the Uni he is working at. Out of the blue, Walter invited him to church. Craig said that I was a Christian and that he would come with me. We are all going to join Walter on Sunday. There is a fellowship lunch afterwards. It will be so great to meet Christians here!


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