I thought I was a winner, but I was a loser.

Last night was the Nationwide Mercury Music Prize. For those of you who don’t know, it’s an annual music prize awarded for the best album from the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland.  Nominations are chosen by a selected panel of music executives in the music industry in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The Mercury Prize also has a reputation for being awarded to outside chances rather than the favourites.

Since 2005 I have prided myself with the fact that I have always owned the winning album, before it won the award. Let me point out that it’s not that as soon as I hear the nominations I go out and buy all the albums. Over the past few years I have been very proud of the fact that I have superior music knowledge and can judge precisely which albums to buy.

So when I walked past a Café window this morning and saw a man reading the Metro newspaper; I noticed a picture on the front page of band, ‘The Last Shadow Puppets’. Delighted, I instantly assumed that they had won this prestigious award.

What do I find out later on this very day on dis here dang internets?

Elbow won it.


Well that’s brilliant. They’ve been around for ages. But I haven’t bothered to listen to this album, not to mention own it! Grrr.

But good on ’em. They probably deserved it. I’ll most likely join the other 1000, 0000 people who now go out and buy their album. Well done you if you already had the album, and even more well done you if you’ve ‘followed them from day one’. GOOD FOR YOU.

This year was just a dip. Next year… you watch.


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