Update on location of Mr. Blewog himself

I haven’t had my own room since I was 3 years old and I reckoned that since I am on a ‘Gap-Year’ that I should gain some independence and get my own space. So I have moved to my future sister-in-law, Katy‘s house! Woo!

an unalphabetised mess

So I’m settling in really nicely. However I have had a slight hiccough. I was feeling really smug because I had moved all my books, CD’s, magazines etc. to my room. I had been provided with a set of lovely shelves but was warned that they probably wouldn’t be able to take too much weight. But nevertheless I piled on the stuff. I think what did it was the 50 or so magazines I had put on the previous day. There I was, snuggly sleeping in my lovely new bed; when at about 4:00 am, I hear the most horrendous crash I have ever heard in my entire life. Obviously I was awoken by the crash, and almost by reflex I threw the blanket over my head and curled up into a ball. By now I had the blanket over my head and in my mouth (for some strange reason) and was shaking like a leaf on a fuzzy tree, however at that point I became quite comfy and fell back asleep.

A few minutes later I wake up again to the sound of Katy and her husband Ivan, frantically searching the house for what could have made such a monumental noise. They eventually stumbled into my room and I looked up at a wall now bare and a floor now in the state of a war zone. I then remembered “oh yeah, that’s why I was scared 10 minutes ago” and then became deeply disappointed with the fact that my stuff was no longer alphabetised.

“Rhodri, what did you learn from the experience?”

Hey, thanks for asking. Well I think that I was trying too hard to create a paradise for myself here on earth, and as always getting to attached to my earthly possessions. This was a little wake up call. Things could have been millions worse i.e. they could have fallen on my face.

Anyway, after all this has happened I ended up not getting to sleep for ages after that because I got really paranoid that there was someone in my room(!?) and then panicked as I came to the realisation that if someone was to come into the house; my room would be the first they’d go into. Silly boy.

The next morning Katy, a woman who sticks religiously to the slogan just do it, went on freecycle to see if anyone in the area had a bookcase going. Within the next 2 hours we had a new (better than before) bookcase! The wonders of the modern world.


4 thoughts on “Update on location of Mr. Blewog himself

  1. Hahahaha that’s really quite amusing. It amuses me how in the dark peoples’ minds are so illogical…like hiding under the duvet…I’ve done it many a time, then in the morning I come to the conclusion that if there was someone/something in my room….a duvet wouldn’t really do anything to stop them…

  2. Haha hmmm….well….ermmmm it’s all to do with certain things that make people…..erm. Hmm.

    I actually don’t know. But as I dislike not knowing things I’m going to put forward a theory…that is most likely wrong and has no evidence whatsoever. Perhaps it’s a thing back from when we were safe in the womb, nice and dark and warm and generally no harm could come to us, so the duvet acts as that whole protective environment thing.

    However, that is more than likely a load of old tosh.

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