The Press Photographers Year 2008

Yesterday, me and Sib met up with an old friend in town. I had heard about this free exhibition being displayed at the National Theatre. It calls itself a competition, “Designed for press photographers by press photographers.” and I guess that’s what it is.

Displayed were about 100 or so photos which were chosen as ‘the best journalist photo of 2007’ in a range of categories such as News, Live News, Sport as well as Arts & Entertainment.

The exhibition was free, but don’t let that put you off. If you’re in the London area this is well worth a look at. It’s only when you see these photos, out of their original context and blown up to a very large size that you realise how much emotion can be captured in just one photo, or how one moment can be drawn out of a situation and be made so significant. Also there were many photos from around the world; showing some horrendous conditions which I didn’t know were that bad.


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