Arts Week

I know thousands of you have been utterly devastated at the lack of posts here this week. I’ve been working in my old school on a thing they call Arts Week – it’s pretty much what it says on the tin. The whole school was divided up into little groups and given various Art based projects. I was involved in a few of the more Drama-ish project.

The year 9’s were given the task of making a film, fortunately they were given a pretty good script (based on Woody Allen play Death, later made into film Shadows and Fog), a very good director and some state of the art filming equipment. Another teacher involved in the film; behind and in front of the cameras was multi talented man – who is a good actor and also has a band who are very cool and have some good tunes.

So in this film project I was mostly running errands or moving lights or telling kids to shut up, but on the last day someone didn’t turn up so I actually ended up playing the part of a relaxed homicidal killer; stabbing a small child – but all in a very comedic way.

I also helped out a bit with a cabaret taking place on the Thursday evening, there were various dances, comedic sketches and musical performances taking place throughout the evening.

I directed a small group of kids on a comedy sketch about rivalry between Geography and History teachers ending in a break-dancing clash!

Little brother Dylan was involved in another sketch about teachers, where they try to ‘get down with the kids’.

Another project I dipped into was the making of a radio play,  An Archers style drama, set in a small country town. It was to be broadcast on the school’s new podcasting station Switch FM but thus far I haven’t spotted it. I did some narration for them, which was fun.

The last big events of the week took place on the Friday night, there was an Open Air Festival / Rock Concert type thing – called ‘LiveStock’, they also had Ibiza – an entire beach was made (!), there was a traditional Garden Fete and also some exhibitions documenting the weeks events. During the LiveStock event lots of kid rock bands had their moment.

Anyway, it was a pretty good week – and all good fun, if not slightly stressful at times.


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