My World Tour of The UK #2 – Dover

On Tuesday I went to Dover

Sibyl came to keep me company.

First impressions of the place were that at least 75% of the people there were over the age of 60.

Anyway, even though the town wasn’t that nice, we found a lovely book shop and I bought a Gary Larson book entitled The Chickens Are Restless.

Other highlights of the town itself came from a small restaurant, called The Allotment, I had a lovely burger and Sibyl had her favourite dish – the classic ‘bangers & mash’.

We also went to a quaint Christian book shop/café called ‘The Weigh Inn’.

The rest of our activities are documented in the video below – enjoy.


One thought on “My World Tour of The UK #2 – Dover

  1. Hello Rhods. Jutsed watched this with your Mother sitting beside me very embarassed. Dover is certainly the next Ellis destination.

    PS I never realised JUST how much Sibyl loved you!!

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