Etch-A-Sketch Art

Etch a sketch beatles

I’ve recently come across a couple of etch-a-scketch artists on brill blog Boing Boing.

The first is a blog which highlights Great Moments in History by drawing them on an etch-a-scketch, the other is a far more skilled artist called George Vlosich III. Basically his whole life is dedicated to etch-a-sketching stuff. His site is here.



Another thing I just wanted to clarify. If you had an etch-a-sketch when you were younger, when you wanted to erase stuff; did you shake it (like most people) or do what I was always told to do, ‘lighty tap it’?

I always felt slightly bad shaking it.


Just me then.



here here here


ETCH-A-SKETCH CLOCK! < click me!


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