What was the only film that made me weep?

I have been known to be deeply emotionally affected by films – by most films in fact. However I never ever actually cry when I watch a film.

BUT there is one exception. This Disney Silly Symphony‘The Ugly Duckling’ (1939)

ugly duckling

I owned this little gem on video tape as a child, my Mother taped it for me from ITV. I watched it a lot, but on one particular occassion, it made me cry, there I was – an innocent 5 year old, sobbing on the sofa.

If you have 8 minutes of spare time today, watch it and perhaps you will understand why it made me so upset.

Rejection is not a good theme to be dealing with as a kid. Perhaps it would have been better for this particular film to hold a 15 certificate.

But all that pain is worth it, just for that moment where he finds his mother! He snuggles up to her, and she loves him- it’s enough to make you weep with joy!

Here’s a picture of a car to boost up my manly points after that…

sports car


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