Optical illusion tricks speedy drivers

Optical Illusion Speed Bump I came across this on the CNN News site. I think it’s a great idea, basically it’s a fake speed bump; a flat piece of blue, white and orange plastic that is designed to look like a 3-D pyramid from afar when applied to the pavement.

These fake bumps are being tested on a section of road in Philadelphia’s northeastern corner. But soon they will also be popping up (or looking that way!) on 60 to 90 more streets where speeding is a problem.

The 3-D markings are appealing because, “at $60 to $80 each, they cost a fraction of real speed bumps (which can run $1,000 to $1,500) and require little maintenance.”

However apparently after a few months, their effect wears off. Which makes sense.


4 thoughts on “Optical illusion tricks speedy drivers

  1. in response to your speed bump post, are you sure locals would not drive over the bumps once, notice they are in fact not real and then forever more just drive at full speed over them ?????

    an essay form response would be appreciated


  2. Well Thomas, interesting you should ask such a question…

    It was mentioned that the effect wears off after a few months – perhaps it could be revised to a few hours.

    Maybe a scheme could be introduced that has real speed bumps temporarily installed at random points in the day – identical to the ones painted on then the locals could never be sure whether it was fake or not – thus always drive slowly!

    But then that totally defeates the object of them being cheaper.


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