Leaving School

On Wednesday and Tuesday last week, we had two evenings of fun, organised by the school; in order to celebrate the fact that we had finished.


Certificates and stuff.


Dancing and stuff.

On Wednesday I got (along with the rest of my class) a reward for my achievement in Drama, we all recieved a lovely picture of us all…

We look like such a stereotypical drama class.

Sibyl (Rhodri’s girlfriend) got an award for her awesomeness in Biology. Then she received a book about religion!? ‘The God Delusion’ – I wouldn’t care if it was one of his earlier books which actually focused on science, but this is by no means a book about Biology! Acts like this are one of the reasons why I hate school.

Anyway, it was a nice evening…


Thursday was more my type of thing, laid back and funky.

There was some great fun…

and obviously, an umbrella was at hand for when Rihanna was played…

It was sad to say goodbye to childhood, but like I kept saying… we’ve only just begun.


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